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Antti Puumalainen (nee Mäkelä)
born March 10th 1979

Tampere based freelance Sound Designer Antti Puumalainen is versatile and ambitious performing arts professional who has acquired his wide-ranging skill and knowledge through both education and practical work as a sound designer, theatremaker and artist.

"As a sound designer, I strive to develop my artistry to an ever more diverse and versatile form. I consciously seek new starting points and perspectives in relation to the context of sound design and the work in question. Regardless of the premises of the production, my art strives to clarify the content – be it an autonomous sound-based installation, a contemporary dance performance, musical or a theatrical straight play. The pursuit of versatile artistic thinking supports my continuous professional development and serves as a source of inspiration. Many of my sound designs have collected annual Säde Prize nominations for Best Sound Design (most recently a Säde Prize nomination for my sound design in the Finnish National Theatre’s Kissani Jugoslavia in 2018)."

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